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My Chef and Gm

What if instead of paying an ANNUAL salary to a Chef or GM, you could pay for those SAME services on an "As Needed" basis?


Based on the national average, a fully qualified Executive Chef and General Manager will cost you $130,000 per year!


What if you could receive MORE complete oversight AND eliminate up to 40% of that annual salary?


How would that work?

There are a plethora of motivated, talented and skilled junior chefs and floor managers that need experience and training to move forward in their careers.


We train and oversee the development and growth of your management team.

We provide quality check audits, secret shops reports, inventory oversight, COGS calculations for food, beverage and bar. We provide in person mentorship, remote support via phone and email, menus, recipes, and organizational support.


How will that save me money?

Instead of paying an ANNUAL salary for a GM and Chef, you can hire less expensive junior manager and simply pay either by the hour or by the project for the projects and skills that require expanded experience, knowledge and tools. All of which we provide here at Full Plate Hospitality.

What if I only need one aspect of my operation supported by this program?


Your Chef and GM program is perfectly suited to meet all or any of your specific needs!


Having an issue with food cost and waste in your kitchen?

We will set up an inventory oversight program, a portion control process and training, a purchasing audit, a menu restructure to maximize profit and minimize loss. Sign up for this program and we provide an On Premises Chef who will work with YOUR team to resolve the issue!


Having an issue with high liquor costs?

We will work with you On Premises to ensure accurate inventories, bartender training, security and cash handling procedures, secret shops and purchasing structures.




Any specific issue you need resolved, any improvement you need to make in the managing and branding of YOUR restaurant and bar, we here at Full Plate Hospitality are perfectly equipped to handle.

Our processes and procedures are specifically tailored to YOUR needs!



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