Get the same Corporate Chef & Regional GM support
that is crucial to the financial and critical success of 
all the Corporate restaurants and bars,
but ON YOUR terms!

Independently owned restaurant and bar?




Ephraim Gallor

Director of Operations

Our goal at Full Plate Hospitality is to provide Independent restaurant and bar owners both the remote and ON SITE personnel and tools

needed in today`s marketplace to be a

financial and critical success.

We offer short term as well as long term consults and oversight!

We provide ON SITE personnel who are highly skilled in the conceptual

as well as the practical execution of YOUR goals!


“Full Plate provided us with a Corporate Executive Chef and GM who worked with us on site and gave us the tools we needed to succeed. Full Plate continues to monitor and review our financials, they generate our COGS, provide Quality Control reviews as well as any training and personel support we need to continue to improve and grow our business.”

Rebecca D'Angelo     Owner/Operator Bistro Americana

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