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Audit and Assess

We will work ON SITE with you to identify accuracy and integrity of the systems currently in place. We can focus on one particular area of interest or concern, or we can audit the entire operation from janitorial schedule to financial tracking and cash handling processes. We will work side by side with your employees to determine who has what skills and which employees will succeed as members of your team and purveyors of your concept to the marketplace.

Your Vision and Plan


Once you are fully informed about the status of your new venture through our Audit and Assess program, it is imperative to combine your vision with the current state of your new venture and carefully craft a plan to move forward and create a seamless transition as well as set yourself up for the success you envision. 

We work with you to synergize all the available information into a cohesive concept, direction and plan. 

We will work ON SITE with you to implement YOUR plan!

Management Plan


Depending on your concept, the retention and hiring of upper managment (Executive Chef, General Manager), is the most expensive, long term comitment you will make on the personnel and labor side of your balance sheet.

 Many restaurants and bars pay a substantial premium by paying annual salaries to highly qualified Chefs and GMs. Our Full Plate Chefs and GMs can save you a SUBSTANTIAL amount of money by mentoring and overseeing junior Chefs and Operational managers. We will provide quality control checks, inventory oversight, cost compares and purchasing oversight, POS reporting and guidance. 

Full Plate Chefs and GMs will work directly, ON SITE with you, only as YOU need! Thus eliminating the highest anual salaries attached to your restaurant and bar as well as providing quick upward mobility and assessment for those employees who wish to learn and grow in their chosen field.

System Development and Support


Running a successful restaurant and bar today requires using a number of complex systems.

There are financial systems such as P&L and COGS tracking and reporting. All major purveyors utilize a variety of programs for ordering products, checking on availability, cost compares, deals on products that can be used to drive traffic via specials. These purveyor systems must be set up and maintained to be fully effective. There are daily and weekly inventory systems as well as a POS (point of Sale) system that must be programmed for ordering, clocking in and out, payroll, as well as a number of reporting tools to help track item sales, along with when these items sell. Knowing when you are busiest will let you know how to schedule to maximize your labor dollars.


We will audit your inherited systems and then guide you to the correct systems, train you and your staff on the their use as well as offer continued oversight to ensure the sytems maintain their integrity and are kept up to date.

We also offer system construction. We can custom build any type of system that you may need according to your exact specifications.

Employee systems


To open and operate a successful restaurant and bar, clear employee guidelines and

a thorough and continual training program is a necessity. We will work with you to create YOUR Employee Handbook, HR standards and practices, incentive and training programs. We offer ongoing oversight and refinement of these programs as you decide what is best for your brand and as you move towards the Adapt and Innovate stage of your business.



Nothing is more important to a modern restaurant and bar than marketing, an internet presence and social media marketing. 

We will audit your current marketing systems and work with you and your staff on creating and maintaining a strong marketplace presence. We will train your employees how to utilize these systems to attract and retain your guests. 

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