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Location Sourcing


We will work with you to find the best available property whether you are looking to lease or purchase. We provide marketing research and "ear to the ground" neighborhood information to ensure that your location choice is not only practical but is also positioned to be a destination for your guests.  

Builds and Remodels


We offer conceptual design, engineering and architectural services, kitchen and bar design, equipment builds, branding and sign design.

We take our partnerships extrememly personal and we are available to oversee practical manifestation of your culinary, bar and hospitality concepts. 

Concept Branding


We take YOUR concept and simply fine tune it to make it streamlined, identifiable and marketable in today`s economic climate. Creating a brand requires conceptual work, graphic design, logo, web presence, food and beverage menu design, uniform design, general business approach, as well as anything the guest and the employees will ever encounter that affect their view of your brand. Whether building a dive bar or a fine dining restaurant, having a defineable brand, the ability to execute, and marketability are all crucial to being financially viable.

Hiring Management


In today`s marketplace, it has become increasingly difficult to balance labor with profitability.

We can work with you to hire the appropriate managers at the appropriate wage to maintain the day to day operational standards that you establish.

At Full Plate Hospitality, we offer upper managment services such as inventory monitoring, quality control services, secret shops, financial, culinary, service and health code audits and reviews.

This allows our customers to hire less expensive day to day managers, encourages upward mobility within the employee ranks and STILL provide ownership with ALL the oversight and quality control that your  large corporate chain competitors have at their disposal.

System Development and Support


Running a successful restaurant and bar today requires using a number of complex systems.

There are financial systems such as P&L and COGS tracking and reporting. All major purveyors utilize a variety of programs for ordering products, checking on availability, cost compares, deals on products that can be used to drive traffic via specials. These purveyor systems must be set up and maintained to be fully effective. There are daily and weekly inventory systems as well as a POS (Point of Sale) system that must be programmed for ordering, clocking in and out, payroll, as well as a number of reporting tools to help track item sales, along with when these items sell. Knowing when you are busiest will let you know how to schedule to maximize your labor dollars.


We can guide you to the correct systems, train you and your staff on the their use as well as offer continued oversight in order to ensure the sytems maintain their integrity and

are kept up to date.

We also offer system construction. We can custom build any type of system that you may need according to your exact specifications.

Employee systems


To open and operate a successful restaurant and bar, clear employee guidelines and

a thorough and continual training program is a necessity. We will work with you to create your Employee Handbook, HR standards and practices, incentive and training programs. We offer ongoing oversight and refinement of these programs as you decide what is best for your brand and as you move towards the Adapt and Innovate stage of your business.



Nothing is more important to a modern restaurant and bar than marketing, an internet presence and social media marketing. 

We will build you a website, develop and implement  a neighborhood, regional and/ or national social marketing strategy. We will train your employees how to utilize these systems to attract and retain your guests. 

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